Monday, December 18, 2017

3-2-1 Product Launch Lesson – 22

Once you have your first E-Book written, you have to design a cover for your product and then you have to launch that product. This lesson deals with the launch.

E-Book Material: A good launch begins with how good your product looks and the quality of the advertising material behind it. Make sure you spend time producing your marketing material to the highest standards, including high quality photos, a well written catch-line or slogan, concise but informative product text and above all make sure your prices are neither too low or too high. If your initial product material or information looks poor, this reflects on you and your product and you could end up losing customers due to your lack of attention to these details.

Update Your Website: This is truly critical! Selling your products on your own website should be something you should do right from the start to give the item a little bit of history before you go live to the Internet with it. Try to give your product sometime on your own website before you go with the launch, as this will give your item more of an impact when you do go live as hopefully the search engines will have already indexed your product and it will start ranking in the SERPs.

Create A Press Release: A well written and effectively submitted press release can not only send you instant traffic but can also be picked up by local journalists and people within your niche looking to write about what is happening and the latest news. Press releases can help to increase exposure of your brand, Blog and product, so make sure you spend some time writing a good press release, or seek a company to write one for you and also take care of the submission process as well.

Affiliate Sales: There are thousands of people on the Internet looking to sell products, so why not offer them a commission and let them help you to increase sales and spread the word about your new item. You can join ClickBank or Commission Junction and instantly have access to thousands of affiliates who have an interest in what you do and would like to make money from it. Most of the Pros do their own Affiliate Program, however this is not recommended for your first launch.

CPC Campaign: Cost Per Click or Pay Per Click will deliver you instant traffic and therefore hopefully instant sales. An effective and well planned cost per click management campaign can literally bring you in lots of sales whilst helping you to keep a tight grip on your advertising budget. Don’t just go bidding for the obvious keywords; try to think outside of the box a little to try to save yourself money.

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