Saturday, February 17, 2018

Internet Marketing – Lesson 23

During the writing of the series I have been constantly confronted with “writers remorse”. There is just so much more that I should be giving you that I just can’t in a 300 word Blog post. I just don’t have the time to give. I’m too busy trying to earn an income Online.

With this in mind, we start anew!

I want to talk to you this week about the proper mindset for yourself as an Internet Marketer. I’ve never really been one to buy into the “Power” of positive thinking. If your plane is going to crash, I’m not real sure you can “think” your way clear of a really bad accident. Perhaps you should have taken the train instead …… I digress!

Thinking positive makes you feel good, no doubt about it. The greatest benefit to positive thinking is that it gives you a better chance to correctly interpret opportunities. It is also a lot of fun to socially interact with positive folks.

If you are not earning the type of income Online that you would like, ask yourself if you are spending enough time being positive with yourself and how you can help others.

However, no amount of positive thinking will change the minds of the other persons that you deal with on a daily basis, and this can be a real killer. Negative People Kill! Not only figuratively but actually.

Negative people do bad things to other people. You see it every day. It would be really, really nice, if you could avoid this stupid shit, but that is not the way of the world.

Having said that, you are now left with the task to “make a difference in others lives” that are around you. Oh joy!

Here’s the issue with that …… half really, really need you and will buy your products. The other half, are just down-right out to get ya! That would include the SaltyDroid ( Jason Jones has an Alexa ranking of 45,000 and claims you can’t make a living Online. What’s wrong with this picture? ), the FTC and friends, and everyone in between.

I don’t want to get too far off the track here with the “Time Vampires” ( I truly don’t have the space within my database to store it all ), but suffice it to say, that whatever it is that you do Online, you are going to be challenged. I don’t know of an Internet Marketer worth his salt …… if you will excuse the pun, that has not been sued by someone over something and been forced into bankruptcy at one time or another. This indeed is the reality of earning an income Online.

Of course this is not the fate of all Internet Marketers. However, those that take the biggest risks are the ones that receive the biggest rewards. Reason being, not many want to take the risk and chance getting blown away in court.

I understand that Apple is in court with the FTC over E-Book price-fixing as I write this. OK, so Apple charged a buck over prime for it’s E-Books. Well, if you think about it …… that’s a lot of E-Books. And while you won’t find me hiding under my bed with my iPad, a hefty fine is in order. Only problem is, that more than likely, the FTC will get the fine money not those that were overcharged.

I’m not singling out the FTC here, after all they stepped-in and put an end to the “Jeff Paul’s – Shortcut To Internet Millions” fiasco with a judgement of $478 Million in August of 2012. Thank You FTC! ( Easy as E-Mail and No Website Needed. Come on Jeff Paul, give us a break! )

Remember what I said about being Greedy & Stupid; it’s a bad combination!

I hope you can see the challenge in staying “Positive” in such an environment. If it ain’t one thing it’s your mother!

I want to make this clear, unless you are ready to offer awesome products, give it up and get a job! This work is not for the faint of heart. It’s hard work! If it were easy, everyone would be making the big bucks.

If you do have awesome products to offer then it is your obligation to offer yourself up to whomever needs your help. In other words grab a mitt and get in the game, roll-up your sleeves and get involved for goodness sake. The world is in a terrible state, you know this. It really needs your help! Providence did not give you your gifts for you to waste them. Once you come to that realization, stop killing time on Facebook and get to work making a difference in other peoples lives with your work Online.

You are not always going to succeed at what you do Online, however, I can’t think of any better way to define Positive Thinking for the Internet Marketer then to get out there and make a positive difference in the lives of those that are your clients!


Internet Marketing – Lesson 22

This is the last post in this brief series. While the series lives on, the material will become a little more in depth and will require a little more of your time to read. I think you will find it worth your while.

This week we will look at the final component or cornerstone of Internet Marketing; Customer Service!

Customer Service is always a challenge. While it is best to let the professionals deal with the customers, remember that they are your customers, not the professionals.

You must always provide a way for your customers to contact you, so that if they have any issues with you, or your products, they can feel confident that you will respond in a timely manner.

Try to keep this in mind; your affiliates are your customers also. Every person deserves to be treated fairly and kindly, ya know …… do unto others and all that jazz! Whether affiliate or product consumer, handle all complaints and special requests, with sensitivity and common sense.

Satisfied customers are your most important asset, so you want to go to extremes to keep these extremely happy customers …… well, happy.

As for those that are not all that satisfied; use some common sense! If they desire a refund after 93 days instead of 90 days, do the refund. If they go social …… you will wish you had refund the monies.

In the past, those who took exceptions to your business practices would tell a couple people, now if they go social with a Tweet or Blog post, you are looking at thousands who know of the issue in quick order. Not Good!

Remember this; blowing off your customers or affiliates for a few extra bucks is bad for business. Greedy and Stupid is a really bad combination!



Internet Marketing – Lesson 21

Your big day is here. Formal Launch Of Your Product! Time to hit it …… and hit it hard. Take no prisoners, damn the torpedoes, get while the getting is good.

As I stated earlier in this series, you have to launch a product over a period of a week to 10 days in 5 different phases. Once the launch is done …… it’s done. You don’t continue to pursue launch activates once you are underway. After the initial product launch, you are then focused on promoting your product.

A word of caution, don’t go into a formal launch of a digital product like “WordPress Installation” that you are going to sell for $19.95. Just get crackin’ and promote the thing to anyone that will listen.

Formal launches work best for “hard copy” products that go from between $995.00 to $3000.00 dollars.

Trying to find affiliates for your “WordPress Installation” product is going to be a bitch, trust me. However, offer %50 on $3000.00 for a quality product and you’ll have them coming out of the wood-work! And keep this in mind, “John Chow” ain’t going to be interested in promoting your “WordPress Installation” product. He’s got one himself. If you want him on board …… or someone like him, give them something to work with!

Again, you are reading my scattered thoughts or tips on Product Launches here. To go over the process correctly would take about 50,000 words, at the very least. So to cover this subject in a 300 word Blog post really can’t be done.

If you follow these lessons, you will find that I go over a lot of the information presented here in these posts, in future posts in greater detail. This is called “Immersion Training”. If I give it to you all at once you will forget most of it …… not good. You have to get this!!! And going over a spread-sheet at time of product launch ain’t the way to go, so Immersion is the best way.

Remember this; there is some foundation to product launches, however, product launches are fluid and ever-changing as the products from Internet Marketers can be totally different from one another, so your understanding of the process will never be complete. You will always have to be adding to this knowledge base.