Friday, January 19, 2018

Internet Marketing – Lesson 9

Last week I provided an Internet Marketing Products designs and launch list. I would like now, to address this list one item at at time. I have already covered the first and second items on the list, so this week I’ll look at announcements to your mailing list and to your affiliates.

When you have a product in mind and you are ready to commit to bring that product to your market, you need to let everyone know. You need to drum-up support for this process and product about 8 weeks before you are ready to launch it. And no you are not going to be sending them E-Mails about how they need to check-out your way-cool product when you launch it; you’ll lose their interest pretty quick if you do that. You’re going to be doing a bit of story telling along the way to maintain their interest.

As for your affiliates, you need to keep this all business and let them know that you will soon be providing the next best thing since sliced bread! “Stay tuned for more”.

Actually, you want to let everyone know what is going on and the process that you are going through to bring them your next product. You want to let them know about all the cool stuff that you are adding with your offer and all the trials that you have gone through to make your next product launch the best ever.

By doing this, you are communicating to your market as a friend and not as a potential sales figure. They in turn have to respond by reading it as intended, and not as a sales pitch, thereby gaining interest.

By the time the actual product launch comes around they will be ready to receive your products, you can count on that. In the end they may not purchase from you, but they are sure to promote your product on their site as an affiliate.

Internet Marketing – Lesson 8

Producing back-end products, as well as launching products is not for the faint of heart. In a perfect world this should be left to professionals, or rather out-sourced. However, unless you yourself understand this process, you will have marginal experiences with outsourcing.

This week we will be looking at the individual pieces to the product launch.

First, I want to again caution you on the fact that I or anyone cannot fully explain this process of “Internet Marketing” within a Blog post or series of Blog posts. As with any endeavor worth undertaking, experience plays a big part in your success. And experience you can’t find in an E-Book or DVD-Boxset, let alone a Blog post.

Once you have a product in mind or completed, you will have to provide a structure from which to work from. By that I mean, you will have to decide how you want to deliver that product to your market and then begin the process of producing materials for its promotion.

I’m going to place this process in a list, as this is an easier way for you to get the picture.

  • Product Production
  • Bonus/Gifts Production
  • Announcement To Your Mailing List
  • Announcement To Your Affiliates
  • Production Of Artwork For Product
  • Production Of Artwork For Affiliates
  • Design Of Squeeze Pages
  • Design Of Landing Pages
  • Work On Ad Campaign
  • Construction Of Shopping Cart
  • Designs Of Any Up-sells or Cross-sells
  • Design Of Launch Functions
  • Design of Social Promotion
  • Formal Launch
  • Customer Service Functions