Saturday, January 20, 2018

$100,000 In 30 Days

Tristan Bull

I was between web designs the other day and decided to check-in over at the “Warrior Forum“. I had received a comment here at Bloggers Market that I had received some press concerning the recent sale of “Blogging To The Bank” by Rob Benwell. So I decided to drop-in and check out the action.

The Problem With Forums

I’m not a big fan of forums ( except my own of course ) even though they are pretty cool. My problem is that once you pull on the thread the whole garment has a tendency to unravel. Such was the case when I just had to check-out the “warrior-special-offers-forum“. The thread unraveling I refer to is the structure in your day that should and could be put to better use than chasing threads in any type of forum except for support forums. But that is a whole different ball game in and off itself.

When I arrived at the “warrior-special-offers-forum”, the first offer that caught my attention was from an Australian child mate by the name of Tristan Bull.

First Things First

My first stop of course on the road to evaluate any type of large investment Internet Marketing program is to check out the online presence, which while present was in 11th place for his own name. I can’t seem to rank for “FIRE” when I yell it in a crowded theater, but at least you can find Bloggers Market on page one position one of the SERP’s ……… or at least I think you can ( has anyone else had the same problem ….. when you go to search for how one of your keywords is doing in the SERP’s and you see it in one position but your best friend finds it in another ….. like at the bottom of the ocean ). Anywho ………

Blogs Are Good !

After finding the “Blog” I was disappointed to find what appears to be an OptimizePress or BuddyPress or something of a landing page or squeeze theme ……. well, I’m not really sure what Tristan has going on, but I think he’s looking for an opt-in.

Spider Man

One thing I did notice however that was kinda cool was the site was built on “SpiderWebPress“. Which is a way cool WYSIWYG WordPress Theme Editor complete with starter theme and support forums ……… you can see where this is going can’t you ? You see how you go down the rabbitt hole and can’t get out. Be forewarned !

Now … Where Was I ?

I did have a point here, but as you can see once you get going it’s kinda hard to stop. Ahh, the offer, yes! Tristan Bull makes the audacious claim on his site and warrior forums offer that; I think it’s more of a slogan rather than a claim, but he does have one that states: “I Personally Guarantee You Will Make At Least A $5000 Per Month Income Or You Money Back!”. How’s that for copy. That’s what sells I’m afraid.

In the end it is doubtful if you will walk away with the $5000 per month that Tristan touts, but having read this post you will surely have learned a thing of two; I know I have and I think that is what Blogging is all about ….. providing quality content for your readers as well as yourself. Of course the money wouldn’t be bad either !


  1. Adrienne says:

    You made me curious so I had to go and look up his name too. He’s moved up to the #10 spot at this time. His site is not impressive at all to me. Actually, it’s a free WP theme because a few years back I actually used this same theme on one of my other blogs which is how I know.

    I didn’t stay on his site for very long to even check out any of the stuff you said you got hooked on. I don’t really think I missed anything. But, your headline definitely grabbed me so you’ve done your job that’s for sure.

    I found it kind of funny that I rank much better on Google than he does. Imagine that.

    Thanks for the share my friend.

    • Jeffrey says:

      No ……. hang on now! You’re the real thing Adrienne, not some Internet Marketeer Bloke from down-under. No offensive to the great Aussies we have in this niche.

      You’re actually interactive. All you do Online (except your E-Mails of course) gets indexed in one shape way or form. So you pretty much run the gamete. So you should rank higher.

      The real fire in the flames will come when you release your own product line.

      Hey did you hear about Sally Neill doing here first coaching program ? I bet it’s pretty good. It will be interesting to see how she prices the program.

      • Alex says:

        no offense taken ;)

        I love the WSO’s (Warrior Special Offers) that come out of the Warrior Forum. Seriously thinking of creating a few myself actually – might not be able to claim to make you 5k a month guaranteed though – I’m thinkkng 10 LOL


        some Internet Marketer Bloke from down-under

        • Jeffrey says:

          You’re one of those Aussie’s I was talking about ……. come on Alex, Grab your Cricket Bat and get in the game. I’m thinking $100,000.00 a month!

  2. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Jeffrey, I hope you’re well.

    I’m never sure about such claims. Even with a money back guarantee I tend to shy away from this kind of thing. While it may sell well it’s not for me I’m afraid Jeffrey.

    Are you getting some practice in with the bat and ball you mentioned above?

    Back soon Jeffrey


    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Barry,
      The reason you shy away from such claims is that you have the experience necessary to make an informed decision.

      This Guy as well as his offer seem to be pretty popular. It’s just really amazing that so many fall for such unbelievable claims.

      As for the bat; I struck out with two on, two out, two in, in the bottom of the second inning with a two two count in the second game of the series with the score all tied up at ……. you guessed it 2 to 2. I’m done!

    • Arjun Rai says:

      did’t know about the result but everyone should try this hopefully can get this type of amount but to archive this we need to do hard work.
      Arjun Rai recently posted..Polymer Analysis

  3. Benny says:

    Wow that sales copy screamed slimy all over it! So many outrageous promises. I see he made sure to put as many video testimonials as possible, but smart people will know it’s easy to go to Fiverr and get one for $5.

    It’s sad many people will fall for it and realize it is not as easy as he claims.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Benny ……. how have you been ?
      I’m trying real hard to be the Shepard here Benny! Remember that line in “Pulp Fiction”

      I’m trying to take the high-road and let people know exactly what all is involved in Internet Marketing. I’ll have to admit I’m struggling. Those like Tristan suck-up all the business. I’ve never really seen anything like it.

  4. Ana Hoffman says:

    Hey, Jeffrey:

    Would love to add your blog to my my new CommentLuv enabled blog list, but wanted to make sure your CL is working properly since I don’t see any CL links under the comments.

    Hopefully mine will show up.

    Ana Hoffman recently posted..Thesis Theme

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Ana,
      I’m having an issue with my “Comment Luv” Plug-in at the moment. I’ve got a major Blog launch at the first of the year and have designed multiple launch pages for the event that were designed as Specialized Templates and “Comment Luv” is bleeding on these templates. Even though there is a setting that allows for it’s removal, the only solution I have found so far is to totally disable the Plug-in.

      I’m still another two months off from running the pages so I’ve enabled the Plug-in once again. Please rest assured that once the launch takes place on January 1 2012, I will indeed restore the Plug-in full-time.

      I may actually have the problem resolved by the time of the launch. However, I have not had the time to do so as yet.

      Thank you for your consideration to include me in your list. I hope to see you back here soon!

  5. Dan says:

    Great post, there are too many people hoping a WSO will fix their problems! Research, research, research there are great people out there teaching. No-one can guarantee you can make money, because ultimately how much money you make is up to you. Guarantee’s are a great risk reversal strategy to make you spend big.
    Dan recently posted..They aren’t going to marry you just because you bought them some shots at the bar

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Dan, thanks for stopping by today!

      WSO can be a pretty cool thing, with themes and plug-ins and such. I get a little challenged with the make million programs that are available though. It puts me on Tilt.

      Everyone that I come into contact with and interact with Blogging, are busy working themselves silly trying to make a difference. They are good, honest, hard working people that provide goods and services to their respective niches. I don’t know of any of them that are promoting garbage products that I find hard to believe that a 10 year old would be interested in. Sadly that’s what makes the money. Everyone it seems is looking for the next big thing.

      I hope to see you again Dan. :)

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